Sie wollen mit Ihrer Bank sprechen?

Können Sie, mit dem smart ebics client!

EBICS 2.5 PHP Client

SEPA Direct Debit

SEPA Credit Transfer

Balance and Bankstatements

PHP Class Features

tested with PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.6, 7.1, 7.2

licensed limited Version with ION Cube Binary

unlimited sourcecode Version for Integrators

EBICS API Features

HTTP API TLS secured

low monthly fee

unlimited Version for professionall use


PHP Klasse, leicht integrierbar

SEPA Lastschrift/Überweisung

Umsatzabruf / CAMT / MT940


Limited max. 1 Bank und User

unlimited developer Version

API Limited max. 1 Bank and User

API unlimited Version


Ticket System

Live Chat

E-Mail Support

Include Class:

$data_path = getcwd(). "/.ebics_client_data/";
$work_dir = getcwd();

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
set_include_path(get_include_path().PATH_SEPARATOR .$work_dir."/phpseclib");



Examples - EBICS Initialization:

1. What this software does

This software is intended to be used as a class for programming EBICS clients written in
PHP. With this software you can upload or download data from EBICS servers (normally hosted
at a datacenter owned or managed by a bank).

2. Requirements


- php5-curl php5-gmp php5-mcrypt openssl php5-xmlrpc php-pear

- run in isolated vm and connect your app via vpn tunnel

3. Tested bank institutes

This client has been tested with.

- Sparkasse 
- Volks + Raiffeisenbank
- Commerzbank
- Postbank
- Deutsche Bank

3. Setup a user

How EBICS Initialization works:

1. The customer (you) requests an EBICS account from your bank and recieve User ID, Partner ID, EBICS Host ID,
EBICS URL and the fingerprints of the public keys of the bank.

2. with this code you create your encryption keys and submit them to the bank:

$ebics = new ebics_client($user_id,$partner_id,$host_id,$host_url,$data_dir);
$ebics->initUser(); // creates a005,x002 and e002 keys...

$request = $ebics->INI_request();
$result = $ebics->send_request($request);

$request = $ebics->HIA_request();
$result = $ebics->send_request($request);

$letter = $ebics->getINIHIA_letter();

echo $letter;

3. INI + HIA Letter must be printed and signed and sent back to the bank to activate the EBICS account. After the
bank has activated the account continue with step 4.

4. Get the banks public keys with this call:

$ebics = new ebics_client($user_id,$partner_id,$host_id,$host_url,$data_dir);

$result = $ebics->HPB_request();
$result = $ebics->send_request($result);
$parsed = $ebics->parse_response($result,"HPB");

5. EBICS successfully initialized.

SEPA Lastschrift:

$creditor = array("initiator_name" => "Smart Weblications GmbH",
					"id" => "DE52ZZZ00000012516",
					"bic" => "BYLADEM1HOF",
					"iban" => "DE44780500000220626666",

$debitor = array("debitor_name" => "Florian Wiessner",
				"id" => "00001337",
				"bic" => "BYLADEM1HOF",
				"iban" => "DE95780500000220696666",
				"verwendungszweck" => "Test SEPA Lastschrift",
				"refnum" => date("YmdHis"),
				"amount" => 23.42,
				"mandate_date_of_sig" => "2011-10-01",
				"payment_id" => "00001337"


$sepa = new sepa;
$sepa->add_debitnote($debitor, $creditor,true);
$sepa_cdd = $sepa->getXML("debitnote",$creditor);

$dom = new DOMDocument('1.0','UTF-8');
$sepa_cdd = preg_replace("/\r|\n/"," ",$dom->C14N());
$sepa_cdd = preg_replace("/\s+/", " ", $sepa_cdd);

$result = $ebics->Upload_init_request("CDD",$sepa_cdd);

print $result;

SEPA Transfer:

$from = array("initiator_name" => "Smart Weblications GmbH",
					"id" => "DE52ZZZ00000012516",
					"bic" => "BYLADEM1HOF",
					"iban" => "DE44780500000220626666",

$to = array("name" => "Max Mustermann",
				"bic" => "BYLADEM1HOF",
				"iban" => "DE26244444334444833333",
				"verwendungszweck" => "SEPA Ueberweisung",
				"ref-nummer" => date("YmdHis"),
				"amount" => "23.42"


$sepa = new sepa;
$sepa_transfer = $sepa->getXML("transfer",$from);

$dom = new DOMDocument('1.0','UTF-8');
$sepa_transfer = preg_replace("/\r\n/"," ",$dom->C14N());
$sepa_transfer = preg_replace("/\s+/", " ", $sepa_transfer);

$result = $ebics->Upload_init_request("CCT",$sepa_transfer);

print $result;

Bankstatements / Balance:

$Auftrag = "STA"; // STA, PTK, C53, C54
if (isset($_GET["start"])) { $start = $_GET["start"]; } else { $start = date("Y-m-d",mktime(0,0,0,date("m"),date("d")-7,date("Y"))); } 
if (isset($_GET["end"])) { $end = $_GET["end"]; } else { $end = date("Y-m-d"); } 

$result = $ebics->ebics_request($Auftrag, $start, $end );
$result = $ebics->send_request($result);
$result = $ebics->parse_response($result,$Auftrag);
print $result;



News und Updates

26.01.2016 - Florian Wiessner

smart ebics online!

Hallo User,

auf diesen Seiten erfährst Du alles rund um unseren PHP EBICS Client. Solltest Du noch weitere Fragen haben, schreib uns eine E-Mail oder kontaktiere uns über den Lifechat.

Wir werden Dich über weitere Entwicklungen hinsichtlich EBICS auf dem laufenden halten.

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